Benefits of Cryotherapy

A natural method, it reduces the level of pain whilst having an anti-inflammatory effect (reducing oedema), as well as an anti-haemorrhagic and analgesic effect.


Its use facilitates the patient's rehabilitation and leads to a more rapid increase in mobility whilst decreasing the use of medication in treatment.

Next Generation cold with FREEZSNOW

Surgeons are increasingly recognising and using cryotherapy in combination with compression as a method for postoperative treatment.


Based on this observation, AMBELIO has patented a new formula for long-lasting, constant cold with Freezsnow.


The Freezsnow cooling agent is a patented substance with excellent thermal capacity and conductivity. Freezsnow delivers snow-cold by turning gel beads into ice crystals with no risk of ice burns. Freezsnow cold packs also offer snow-cold which does not aggress the skin, lasts a long time, is constant and adapted to the patient's morphology (different shapes available).

Freezsnow Technology


Cold packs before / after freezing: 


New Patented Technology

  •  Long-lasting cold

Lasts for about an hour, facilitating cold cycles with no need to refreeze the packs every 20 minutes as is necessary with gel.


  • Kind to skin and stable

Unlike conventional cold packs, Freezsnow delivers gentle, uniform snow-cold, avoiding the danger of skin burns or injuries. In addition, our new textile material allows the pack to be placed directly on the limb and avoids the danger of skin burns or injuries.


Reliable & Ergonomic

  • Reusable

Freezsnow is reusable and should always be kept in the freezer before or between uses.

  • Malleable and adapted for morphology

Our Freezsnow cold packs have been specially designed and segmented to fit the patient's morphology. Different pack shapes are therefore available depending on the indication (shoulder, knee, hip, hand or foot and ankle). Malleable straight from the freezer, Freezsnow offers an easy means of cold therapy.

  • Packs fastened into the braces

All packs are developed to fit perfectly into our braces (by fastening the Velcro tabs or straps to the packs).

  • Lightweight and portable, they enable mobility during use.
  • Ergonomic design (body compliant), universal adult sizing, adjustable sizing, ambidextrous model.
  • Precise fit to provide deep tissue treatment.
  • Customised compression.
  • Easy to prepare for freezing.
  • Washable.
  • Latex-free.