High Quality Requirements


  • AMBELIO commissioned quality tests to be carried out by France's national metrology and testing laboratory, LNE, which is accredited for CE marking assessment. The purpose of the testing was to analyse mechanical resistance and the efficacy of the constant cold while preventing skin burns, compared to competitor gel packs on the market.

 All data are available in LNE report Folder P181269 - Document DE/2 - Page 1/14.


Mechanical resistance

Freezsnow cold packs have a mechanical resistance of more than 5N/cm².


Freezsnow cold packs have a temperature of between 0°C and 5°C when placed on the skin after beeing frozen for more than 4 hours. This is not the case of competitor products. Competitor temperature obtained is -10°C, which may cause skin burns and patient discomfort.


the efficacy of the constant cold delivered by AMBELIO's new patented device compared to competitor products is confirmed.



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